As a baby photographer, I have the wonderful privilege of meeting absolutely amazing families every day and being a part of their once-in-a-lifetime memories. Aside from cuddling with adorable new newborns, I think my favorite part of the experience is watching a new mom cry as she sees her baby's portraits for the first time. I help people cherish life, remembering that each child is an absolute miracle. 


Our children, a sweet ray of sunshine named Samantha and a rough-and-tumble little boy named Caleb, are our joys (in fact, Caleb was the very first newborn I ever photographed!) and we are constantly inspired by each new milestone and discovery.

I know first-hand how wonderfully precious these fleeting moments are, and especially how fast the time flies by. It seems like just yesterday we were holding our son in our arms for the very first time, and now he is about to start kindergarten. When it comes down to it, photography is all about enjoying the love of family and somehow cherishing those moments for just a little while longer.